I'm excited to work with you! This is a new page (work in progress!) I am setting up for my advising engagements.

Here are things I can help on:

  • Devrel hiring screening
  • Overall company positioning/messaging
  • Beta product/blogpost feedback
  • Twitter/Email/Content strategy
  • Fundraising announcements/Product launch planning
  • Hackathon/Conference event/talk planning & content

and of course anything published on this site I probably have more thoughts that I did not yet write down.

Usually for equity % advising, I offer two modes:

  • ad hoc: I give you a calendar link to book me anytime you want, and can be in your Slack for you to @ when something relevant comes up. SLA 1 day.
  • regular: Regular weekly/biweekly meeting on calendar to discuss topics.

I don't currently advise for $ as it complicates things.

This is a new page, please reach out to me with questions